Policy statement

Frank van DalenPride is, by far, the largest movement with a proven ability to bring millions and millions of people into the streets every year. InterPride has the task, now more than ever, to support the development of Prides around the world, and to connect all Prides’ voices into a single globally-networked force for the advancement of LGBTQI+ equality.

But, we are only able to do this when InterPride is able to connect Pride movements globally with one another and is itself connected with the world. When InterPride is a strong and professional external-oriented organization. When InterPride is relevant for its members and seen as an impactful force on a world stage.

As Co-President, these are the three themes I will work on.

Let's work together

Pride has a proven ability to bring millions of people into the streets. InterPride has the task to support Prides around the world. Feel free to share your ideas where I as co-president of InterPride should focus on. I am looking forward to work with you and your ideas towards the future.