Frank was the Chair of the Dutch LGBTI organization (2005-2008), COC Netherlands, and of Pride Amsterdam (2006-2010). Working from an LGBTI human rights perspective, he focuses on inclusiveness and political strategizing to achieve pro-LGBTI policies in high-profile political initiatives and campaigns. In that capacity, he visits, and contributes to, many different Pride events globally with specific attention to hostile LGBTI environments and underrepresented areas. Additionally, Frank chairs the worldwide operating LGBTI Human Rights Workgroup of Liberal International. Frank is also a global representative for Copenhagen Pride, which is hosting WorldPride 2021.

In his professional life, Frank chairs a political knowledge foundation, Politieke Academie, and serves as CEO of

Frank has revitalized the Dutch LGBTI movement by implementing a newly by him developed strategy, “high profile politics”. It placed LGBTI-policies back on the political agenda. New organizations saw daylight. Society started embracing homosexuality. Government research showed that because of the new strategy the coming-out age dropped in three years with 1,5 years.
Wouter Neerings
Board member / Chair COC Netherland 2006-2012
Frank is an energetic and committed chairperson who will always put the interest of the organization first, even if it means he is facing personal risks. His efforts led to structural financial means for the LGBTQI-agenda. The Dutch LGBTQI-movement became under his leadership more influential then ever before. Frank knows how to influence people and societies.
Pascal van der Maas
Executive director COC Netherlands 2006-2009